“An Alphabet of Zombies” Print

Written and illustrated by Stephen R. Bissette & Daniel Bissette, with eye-popping color & digital production by Charles Forsman (SNAKE OIL, SUNDAYS, THE GROUND IS SOFT, Oily Comics, etc.), this A-Z full-color print in the tradition of 20th Century elementary school classroom "learn the alphabet" educational wall charts is sure to bring a laugh or two to any zombie-lovin' home decor, studio, office, or college dorm room!

"AN ALPHABET OF ZOMBIES is a special, limited-edition color print that measures 11 x 17" on card stock. It's a full-color print by Stephen R. Bissette, Daniel Bissette, and Charles Forsman; this first printing ONLY is signed & numbered (200 print run)—signed by all three creators, mailed in a tube for sturdiest transit. Sale!

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A limited edition color print 11 x 17" card stock full-color print by Stephen R. Bissette, Daniel Bissette, and Charles Forsman, signed & numbered (200 print run)—signed by all three creators, mailed in a tube for sturdiest transit!

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