E.T. Reed’s Prehistoric Peeps w/Intro by S.R. Bissette!

Let S.R. Bissette's Tyrant® creator and Paleo Pop™ expert Stephen R. Bissette introduce you (via his fully-illustrated, in-depth introduction) to The Lost Art of E.T. Reed—Prehistoric Peeps, featuring more than 100 rare illustrations by 19th and early 20th century master cartoonist E.T. Reed! Restoring and reprinting the definitive collection of the first-ever caveman-and-dinosaur cartoon series ever published (in the revered British humor magazine Punch), The Lost Art of E.T. Reed—Prehistoric Peeps offers an eye-popping, rib-tickling dinosaurian delight for serious collectors of comics, cartoons, and dinosaur media!

Kicking off with Bissette's introduction covering the social, political, and cultural context which gave birth to "Prehistoric Peeps" in 1893, this handsome oversized landscape-format paperback volume beautifully restores E.T. Reed's marvelous pen-and-ink cartoons along with an illustrated biography of Reed by cartoon historian Mark Bryant. There's also a never-before-reprinted interview (!) with Reed himself, and Bissette's conversation with vet comics creator/historian Eddie Campbell (Alec, From Hell, Bacchus, etc.) lending further perspective on the Punch legacy and Reed's historic (and, sadly, gradually deposed) position in that pantheon.

Cartoonist and caricaturist E.T. Reed was the first satirist to seize upon the cultural, religious, and satiric shockwaves from the publication of Charles Darwin's Origin of Species with a series of Punch cartoons "mashing" prehistoric men and dinosaurs into anachronistic situations to lampoon then-current late 19th century British life. Here is the wellspring for all that followed, including Reed's immediate successors at Punch, the long-forgotten Prehistoric Peeps silent films, the Charlie Chaplin, Laurel & Hardy, and Buster Keaton caveman comedies, right on up to and beyond The Flintstones: monsters "fueling" primordial automobiles, saurian sea serpents spoiling beach parties, caveman jockeys riding dinosaurs at the racetrack, antediluvian art critics bashing cave paintings, etc.

Reed's ancestor-and-monster antics delighted Punch readers for a full decade and inspired countless imitators in humor magazines, postcards, and comics on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. But Reed earns deeper, long-overdue study and celebration in these pages, illuminating the remarkable draftsmanship he brought not only to "Prehistoric Peeps" but also to his vast and voluminous output of cartoons and caricatures into the 20th century. Reed was Punch‘s parliamentary caricaturist-of-record in a procession of editorial and satirical cartoons, as well as his on-the-spot sketches of legislators and prime ministers—and that's all covered here! This volume reprints (in terrific, crystal-clear digital restorations from the best available source materials) all the classic "Prehistoric Peeps" collected in Reed’s lifetime, along with an extensive gallery of his Punch cartoons.

Serious Paleo Pop™ and S. R. Bissette's Tyrant® fans, take note: my introduction covers the entire genre of caveman-and-dinosaur comics, and how Reed's seminal series kicked the entire genre into high gear. If you enjoyed the text features that were a staple of Tyrant®, you need this book!

This handsome trade paperback clocks in at 128 pages and measures 11″ x 8.5″ (ISBN: 978-0-9829276-1-8), and every purchase from this venue is signed (and, if you wish, personalized) by Bissette.

Price: $22.00

From Punch (the classic British humor magazine) comes the definitive collection of the first prehistoric-themed comics ever published, The Lost Art of E.T. Reed—Prehistoric Peeps, featuring an illustrated introduction by Stephen R. Bissette!

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