Horror Boo!M™

Sporting a cover by the Swamp Thing team of Stephen R. Bissette & John Totleben and edited by the dream-zine-team of Bissette & Denis St. John (creator of Monsters & Girls, this 20-page zine/minicomic showcases new comics, faux-covers, and strips by nine creators resurrecting & lampooning the gory glories of the Pre-Code horror comics of the early 1950s!

Horror Boo!M™
Horror Boo!M™ (October, 2012) is the first outing of a new multi-genre zine created, edited, and published by Stephen R. Bissette & Denis St. John. The Bissette/Totleben cover art kicks off this gallery of satire Pre-Code horror comics cover art with style, but what's inside is even more disturbing & delectable!

20 pages (two-color cover, black-and-white interior pages) offers new and/or never-before published comics, art, and illos by Bissette, St. John, Ben (Grump Toast) Horak, Ian Richardson, Bryan (Funny Aminals, Beasts, etc.) Stone, Jaci June, Ben Evans, and Trees & Hills Comics Group co-founders Colin Tedford & Daniel Barlow, along with movie promo art for the famed Amicus/EC Comics feature films from the 1970s, Tales From the Crypt & The Vault of Horror!

Zombies, revenge, unrequited love, ghosts, ghouls, monsters, witches, sorcerors, procrastination, and more lurk in these pages—including Dan Barlow's "Gravestone Funnies," "The Crypt of Romance" by Denis St. John & Jaci June, and more! 8 1/2" x 5 1/2", 20 pages, and chock-full-of-fearful-fun!

Price: $4.00

First issue of the new Boo!M™ zine line, edited by Stephen R. Bissette and Denis St. John, featuring 20 pages of horrific & humorous art, illustrations, and strips celebrating & satirizing the Pre-Code horror comics boom of 1950-1954. Signed by Bissette & St. John!

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