Monster Pie #1

Monster Pie™ is the first monster zine from Swamp Thing/Taboo/Tyrant monstermeister Stephen R. Bissette and Monsters & Girls creator and Atomic Age Cinema vet horror host Denis St. John, designed to whet the appetite of fellow fear-fiends and monster mavens!

Monster Pie #1
Though they've frequently shared pages in earlier anthologies and zines, this is the first collaborative zine venture from grizzled, grisly comics vet, author, and illustrator Stephen R. Bissette and seasoned horror host and debuting graphic novelist (Amelia, which was just completed earlier in 2012) Denis St. John, comprised of everything they love in one tasty paper pie: monsters!!!

This 40-page premiere issue offers full-page monster portraits in black-and-white and full color in a tidy digest-sized saddle-stitched zine format (5 1/2″ x 8 1/2″), with a wraparound cover by Bissette & St. John, a color centerspread portrait of “The Herculoids”, and introduces two juicy text features, "Monster Pie Mesa of Lost Monsters" (reviewing the 1978 rarity Slithis aka Spawn of the Slithis) and "Monster Pie Bakers Dept." (a vintage archival reprint of a rare 1941 article on essential monster-maker Ray Harryhausen). Join us from the first issue, as there's more to come!

Modestly but handsomely packaged and self-published, your copy can be personalized and signed to you or anyone you wish, at no additional charge.

Price: $6.00

Monster Pie™ #1 is an old-fashioned zine for monster-lovers, jam-packed with monstrous artwork by Stephen R. Bissette and Denis St. John. Every issue offers monster comics, reviews, articles, and two-dozen full-page illustrations (including color)—and it begins here!

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