S.R. Bissette’s SpiderBaby Comix #2

Welcome to my nightmare, indeed! Another splashy full-color painted cover and another 48-page helping of all-Bissette black-and-white ballyhoo kicks off with “Saying Grace,” a tale literally drawn from my nightmares. And if you think having a guardian angel is a blessing, it’s high time you check out my one-and-only 24-hour comic, “A Life in Black and White”—the world's second 24-Hour-Comic ever!—and you’ll be all choked up over “Cottonmouth,” a haunting “period piece” (Choke!)...

S.R. Bissette’s SpiderBaby Comix #2
PLUS: “… And Deliver Us From Evil, Amen,” an exhaustive and fully-illustrated overview of religion in the horror comics, from Holbein the Younger’s Dance of the Dead (1538) to Superman, Basil Wolverton, and on into the hallowed pages of Son of Satan, Yummy Fur, The Savage Dragon, and more!

This oversized special issue is a steal at only $5.00 plus shipping (signed and personalized at your request, and at no extra charge). YOU MUST BE 18 OR OLDER TO ORDER; age statement required upon ordering.

Note: "Cottonmouth" was turned into a classic short horror movie by Christopher P. Garetano!
  • Here's the link to the Myrant web page dedicated to that movie adaptation.
  • Approach with caution! Not for the squeamish!!!

    Price: $5.00

    Vintage Bissette horror comix, including the world's second-ever 24-Hour-Comic ever created and the classic "Cottonmouth"!

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