The Penultimate TABOO, featuring never-reprinted early classics by AL COLUMBIA, GREG CAPULLO, and more!

The penultimate volume of TABOO (1995, Kitchen Sink Press, 128 pages) — the first of two final volumes prepared and packaged by Stephen Bissette for publisher Kitchen Sink Press (in the short window of life they enjoyed after the ‘merger’ with Tundra, which effectively brought Kitchen Sink Press to the end of its publishing history — but that’s another story).

The last of the unpublished TABOO material was accepted by Kitchen Sink publisher Denis Kitchen and shaped with editor Phil Amara into TABOO 8 and 9; Amara alone was credited, though both volumes were indeed prepared with Bissette (who chose to forego credit) — there are no story introductions in these final two volumes.

This penultimate volume is nonetheless an undiluted dose of pure TABOO terror, opening with a three-page introduction by Bissette, front cover by Charles Lang, back cover by Michael Zulli, inside front cover by Jean ‘Moebius’ Giraud. Features stories and art by Jeff Jones, David Sexton and P. Craig Russell, Matt Howarth, Alec Stevens’ adaptation of a classic short story by Wladyslaw Reymont, two Rick Grimes stories, the final installment of “Throat Sprockets” in its comics form by Tim Lucas and David Lloyd, “johnny 23″ by Al Columbia, “All She Does Is Eat” by Jack Butterworth and SPAWN artist Greg Capullo, and the complete original, uncut version of Jeff Nicholson’s THROUGH THE HABITRAILS chapter “Cat Lover.”

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TABOO terror featuring Jean ‘Moebius’ Giraud, Jeff Jones, P. Craig Russell, Matt Howarth, Alec Stevens, Rick Grimes, Tim Lucas & David Lloyd, Al Columbia, Jack Butterworth & Greg Capullo, Jeff Nicholson, and more!

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