Teen Angels & New Mutants

Teen Angels & New Mutants: Rick Veitch's Brat Pack® and the Art, Karma, and Commerce of Killing Sidekicks is the only book of its kind—and the only biography anywhere of comics creator Rick Veitch!

Teen Angels & New Mutants
Teen Angels & New Mutants is something entirely unique: a full history of a single graphic novel, embracing all its cultural and pop-cultural influences and its influence, that is not just a corporate promotional tie-in or hagiography. Over 400 fully-illustrated pages offer a detailed history of the entire "teen sidekick" comicbook phenomenon, the life and creative work of Brat Pack® creator Rick Veitch, and the entire teen pop culture industry that Brat Pack® so ruthlessly exposed and extrapolated upon.

There is no other book like this, anywhere, on the planet—now available directly from the author—signed and personalized (to you or anyone you wish), at no additional cost.

  • For more info on the book—including reviews, behind-the-scenes history, more info and art, additional unpublished materials, and more—click this link to the jam-packed Teen Angels & New Mutants official website!

  • Note: This is the first volume in a book series by Bissette on comics and comics history. The best is yet to come! Sale!

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    Teen Angels & New Mutants is the only book of its kind—an in-depth history & analysis of a single graphic novel (Rick Veitch's Brat Pack®)—400+ fully-illustrated pages!

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